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Its A Love Hate Relationship June 28, 2011

M&M’s. My weakness.

I thought I had a hard time with soda, but there is something about those peanut M&M’s that gets me every time! Yes, about 4 handfuls today at work. I didn’t feel that hungry, so I hadn’t made my dinner, but apparently I was hungry enough to clock out tonight covered in M&M’s stains. Tomorrow will NOT be the same. I didn’t wake up this morning to hit the gym before work so that I could ruin it all over some dag on delicious M&M’s!!!!

I’m excited to start over tomorrow. Every day is a new day. However, I said the same thing 3 months ago. :-/ So not only is tomorrow a fresh start, but a chance to work twice as hard to make up for yesterday.

                              Positive thinking is great, but we must also be accountable for ourselves.

Short and sweet tonight ladies and gents. I’ve got a tough workout calling my name early tomorrow morning. POW!


Weigh In!

So this is my third weigh in and it is apparent that this is the only time I have been posting. Boo. I guess I’m just not that interesting!

The nitty gritty:

I lost about a pound and half an inch off my belly.

Nothing amazing, but I am seeing a noticeable difference. Things are starting to pull together in the right places and dimples are starting to disappear! So I have learned to be patient and deal with the less fortunate weigh-in’s. I also noticed its been about three weeks and I”m a little upset to look back at the time wasted. Forget about the past few months. That could run me into some Ben and Jerry’s thinking about that disaster. Just these few weeks. Had I kept the momentum up this past week from the beginning, maybe I would be writing about how much higher my butt is now? I do have accept that its part of the process and I while it may seem as though I am making excuses, it is really difficult to completely change your eating habits and lifestyle. And although I may have lost a bit of time, I feel confident about the weeks ahead. I decided to reread Jackie’s book to get some extra reinforcement and motivation.

This morning I weighed in at 159.8. Right before I wrote this, I checked the scale again, and was at 160. I’m not a fitness guru by any means, but I’m thinking this might mean my metabolism has gotten a good boost. Normally, I would be 3-4 pounds more than what I weighed that morning. Thoughts???

Overall, I’m excited to dominate another week. Genuinely excited, motivated, determined, and several other positive words.



Let’s Go Streaking! June 22, 2011

And by streaking, I mean a successful three day streak!

Yeah baby, we’re on a roll!

I may have missed a couple snacks here and there, but I have been consistent with eating healthy, and have worked out three days in a row and counting.

Sure I may have snuck a couple M&M’s here and there at work, but we’re gonna tackle one thing at a time. Getting my butt to the gym is a big problem for me and I think we’re on to something here. I’ve been adamant about focusing on my weaknesses and attacking them full force.

Gym time was FIERCE. An intense 20 minute cardio sesh, did my weight circuit on 8 machines, and then for some reason I wanted to throw in 2 miles on the bike. Too much? Maybe, but I felt so good walking out of that place. I REFUSE to lose this momentum. Hopefully we’ll be seeing some killer results this Weigh In!

It is ON!


Weigh In – question mark? June 20, 2011

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So I’ve been bad about the gym. Terrible really. And halfway good about food. But here’s my results about last week. Fortunately I DID go to the gym today AND went hiking so I’m a little exhausted.

So while doing terrible, this is what I ended up with for last week….


I lost 2 inches total and weigh 160.8. So I think I lost one pound.


Imagine the results I could get if I actually put in the work? This week WILL be good. And next week’s weigh in WILL be amazing.


Boo June 17, 2011

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Oh hey i have internet again.


Oh hey I didn’t do anything this week.


Weigh In! June 12, 2011

So I have neglected to post the past few days. Largely due to the fact that I did horribly. Trying to find time to eat while I’m at work is really difficult. So that’s my challenge this coming week. But I have to say, I went to the Cheesecake Factory before it was time for my treat meal and have a very intense struggle, and shooing the waiter away three time, I finally decided I needed to stay on track and eat healthy. Grilled Salmon with succotash and carrots. I’m not the best at cooking fish so I decided to get something someone else does better. The Cheesecake Factory gives you HUGE portions too so I made sure to divide it in half and take the leftovers for another meal later. I’m glad I did because I didn’t have to unbutton my pants or feel like a bloated cow when I left.

I also had my fitness appointment on friday at the YMCA. They showed my how to use the equipment and the program that they offer. Its called fitlinx. It tracks your progress overall, and on each individual piece of equipment. It will beep at you when you’re going too fast, or when you drop the weight during your repetitions; kind of keeps your accountable during your workout. I love it! I’m nervous to stray from the program Jackie has outlined, but my goals is to translate those exercises she has to the gym equipment. Otherwise I’m paying for this membership for just 20 minutes of cardio and a set of free weights.

On a happier note, my treat meals are this weekend! Which I was a bit bad yesterday so I think I’m gonna keep it to one day this weekend. Especially since I was bad this week. I didn’t earn my treat meals! But yesterday I had already planned afternoon tea with friends so I indulged in a few mini treats, and didn’t have breakfast, lunch, or snacks. Just afternoon tea and dinner. ….Which was at Romano’s Macaroni Grill. =/ Terrible! I know! I didn’t scarf it all down in two minutes like a cave woman so that’s progress. I don’t want to be too hard on myself either since this is just the first week (feels like a lifetime). But lets get to the good stuff.

Keeping in mind that I was extremely bad this week….ITS TIME FOR MY WEIGH IN!!!!!!!

I lost 3 pounds and a total of 1.5 inches

You can look at “measurements” to see the progression. I’m really upset with myself that I mis-measured my inner thighs. Somehow I wrote down 38″, which is not right. 😦 So we’ll start tracking from this week instead. However I am EXTREMELY pleased to see a whole inch off of my belly. That’s one inch closer to showing those abs I have hidden in there somewhere. 😉

Bring on week 2!


I Officially Hate Wednesdays June 8, 2011

Well, today I skipped a snack and dinner.

Not much I can do about working all day. So you think I made it to the gym? Of course not.

Am I surprised that its Wednesday and I’m quickly spirling downward? Absolutely not.

Now that I’ve noticed a trend, I’m going to come up with a way to address it. To conquer Wednesday so I can push through Thursday and Friday. How? I have no clue.

And yes, I did eat more than a handful of peanut M&M’s at work.